What we do

Infinitus helps SMEs & individuals navigate the world of finance, risk, markets, and macro.

Our scope includes two main areas:

  • Intelligence: Full-cycle intelligence scope with a variety of finished products for internal-use report commissions, organizational or individual training and education, white label products, ongoing initiatives, database building, and more. Coverage includes all layers of finance, risk, markets, and macro.
  • Finance & Risk Management: Advisory, custom tools, and vendor/supplier/solutions selection, mapping, and implementation. Coverage includes finance, treasury, enterprise risk, and trading desk.

How we work

We offer three different engagement options:

  • Consulting & Contracting: Typically shorter, fixed-term engagements (a few weeks to few months) with a narrow scope to tackle specific problems or challenges.
  • Advisory: These engagements are usually longer-term with a broader scope of deliverables, and focused on long-term, strategic objectives and big picture issues.
  • Fractional Intrapreneur: In this level of engagement, clients commission us to develop and launch innovative products, services, processes, or other ventures.  The relationship is fully customizable, scalable, and is structured to ensure mutually aligned objectives and outcomes.

For information on our services, please feel free to send us a message.