• Photo Source: Wall Street Journal According to Steve Liesman, the Federal Reserve is working towards easing its pandemic stimulus policies, which could lead to rate hikes even sooner than markets expect.  In an article released yesterday morning on CNBC, Liesman notes the Fed is likely to announce it will double
  • Photo by lo lo Remember when Goldman Sachs chief David Solomon called remote work an “aberration”? In a recent survey published by The Partnership for New York City, major employers indicated their needs for office space would decline drastically over the next five years.  13% of total employers surveyed expect a reduction in jobs located
  • Photo by Kevin Ku What is the Merton Model? The Merton model is a common credit risk model used for evaluating a firm and determining if it will remain solvent.  This simple model is specifically useful in situations where traditional DCF and relative valuation models are ineffective, such as distressed
  • Photo Source: Pickawood Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is an end-to-end process that allows for executing banking and other financial services via a third-party provider (TPP).  These TPPs can include digital banks, fintech companies or even non-banks.  TPPs connect with a legacy financial institution (FI) through API, which gives the TPP the ability
  • Photo by Sharon McCutcheon The US Dollar Index (DXY) is holding above 94.00 as of this morning, and there are plenty of reasons to think it is heading higher as we head towards year-end.  For one, growth has slowed as of late, resulting in movement out of equities into less