The CEO’s Playbook for a Successful Digital Transformation

Photo by: Fabio

Once embarked on, a digital transformation is ever-changing. There is no finish line, just a constant evolution of technology, data and processes. The only way for a digital transformation to be successfully implemented is if the CEO is involved in the process from the start and can set aside what they currently see in their company and visualize what it could become. According to The CEO’s Playbook for a Successful Digital Transformation, for a CEO to execute a successful digital transformation, five main areas comprise the “playbook” where they should be focusing their efforts.

  1. Re-imagine value and demystify digital: The purpose of a digital transformation is to generate more value for the company.
  2. Give a reason for top talent to come work for you: One of the fastest ways to speed a digital transformation process is hiring new talent.
  3. Bring tech and data front and center: CEO’s need to prioritize tech and data.
  4. Rebuild the operating model for speed: The CEO needs to set the pace of decision making, implementation and processes.
  5. Commit to adoption of digital solutions with the same passion that you commit to strategy: Having a clear plan is imperative to a digital transformation, but the CEO needs to bring the same efforts to the adoption as they do to the strategy.