Dell CSO: “Security is Everyone’s Job”

Photo By: Milan Malkomes

“As we consider the vulnerability that industry and organizations face, technology and data is exploding rapidly, and growing in volume, variety, and velocity.”

John Scimone, Chief Security Officer at Dell Technologies

In an interview last month on Business Lab, Dell Senior VP and CSO John Scimone stressed that building a company-wide culture of taking responsibility for security should be a top priority for organizations as the threat of cyber attacks will continue to grow. Scimone believes “ransomware is probably the greatest risk facing most organizations today”, and has been exacerbated by the shift to remote work. To tackle such a widespread, critical issue, it will take buy-in from all levels of an organization, which involves more than just technical training. Scimone advises training gets done “against the backdrop of a culture organizationally, where every team member knows they have a role to play.”

Listen to the interview linked above for the full scope of Scimone’s insights, or check out the transcript and show notes here.