CI Roundup (04-29-20)

Financial Sector

  • Insurance
    • U.S. insurers want taxpayers to back pandemic coverage for businesses (Reuters)
  • Banking
    • European Banks Win Major Relief From Leverage Restrictions (Bloomberg Law)
    • UBS Profit Jumps Despite Coronavirus Disruption (WSJ)
    • US SBA temporarily closes program to all banks except the smallest
  • Asset Management
    • JPM Calling for Boost in PE, Hedge Fund Performance (BNN Bloomberg)

Macro Factors

  • Geopolitics
    • Pompeo pushes China to provide access to Wuhan labs over coronavirus outbreak (Reuters)
  • Monetary Policy
    • Federal Reserve on deck for first monetary policy decision since March rate cuts.  Click here to tune in to live analyst coverage courtesy of FXStreet.
  • Economic Indicators
    • Q1 GDP contracts 4.8% QoQ, ending the longest expansion run in US history.

Financial Markets

  • Commodities
    • Crude oil up nearly 30% on positive market sentiment.  Daily techs still showing weakness.
    • Commercial hedgers increase net-short position in Euronext wheat futures; Non-commercials expand net-long position
  • FX
    • Dollar down on risk-on moves – holding at 2-week lows
  •  Equities
    • What prior market crashes can teach us about navigating the current one (Paul D. Kaplan – Morningstar)
    • Factor analysis: Growth reigns supreme as April winds down.