The Remote Work “Aberration” set to hit Wall Street Workforce

Remember when Goldman Sachs chief David Solomon called remote work an “aberration”?  In a recent survey published by The Partnership for New York City, major employers indicated their needs for office space would decline drastically over the next five years.  13% of total employers surveyed expect a reduction in jobs located in New York City, with most of the losses coming from the financial sector.  Continue reading The Remote Work “Aberration” set to hit Wall Street Workforce

The Merton Model

The Merton model is a common credit risk model used for evaluating a firm and determining if it will remain solvent.  This simple model is specifically useful in situations where traditional DCF and relative valuation models are ineffective, such as distressed firms, natural resource firms, and startups/high growth firms whose value is primarily based on their rights to a product, service, or innovative technology.  Continue reading The Merton Model